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Global is often contrasted negatively with local. Sometimes, rightly, it is thought that globalization can destroy the cultural differences and traditions that distinguish each country. At SEAB we think differently. For us, to operate in a global way means making the exquisite local traditional products of distant countries available.

In recent years, SEAB has promoted the spread of techniques such as bullion wire and other special kinds of hand embroidery well-established in the Indian sub-continent. Thanks to this operation, without neglecting the economy of our country, we have introduced traditions and craftsmanship almost unheard of. We have generated wealth for local economies by offering development opportunities to countries that have a great need to move forward.

SEAB’s global network takes together global and local in a synthesis of mutual improvement, commercially and humanly.

Through a direct management of relationships with customers and hiring professionals of long experience we can guarantee the absolute quality of our products.

We have two style departments abroad for specific local needs. Our offices in London and Freiburg are a vary important help for those customer, english or german, who require a special and professional support in their countries.