Along with the woven label, the pendant tag is the most widely used accessory in clothing. In addition to the practical function of returning the characteristic details of the boss, useful in retail, the card also performs an image and communication function.

It can be considered to be each title, the business card of the boss and therefore is an accessory of fundamental importance in the image of the boss.

A beautiful card, consistent with the collection or witnessing the brand, becomes a necessity to distinguish its boss in the multitude of competitors. The most common printing technique is lithographic (off-set). Four-color machines guarantee high productivity and consequently absolutely competitive costs.

But for printing on special materials, serigraphy is used. For metallic prints, hot foil or UV prints can be used. Do not forget the embossed prints or the hot impressions.

It is not uncommon that you also want to use fabric for making the card. Printing and die making are the main steps to achieve something original and refined.

Combine weave and print to create innovative and impressive effects. Clothes, embroidery and inserts are creativity expressions that are well represented by a brand that does not want to go unnoticed.