Only a few years ago, logistics was a fairly ordinary activity within a business, one that took care of the handling of goods. Today the world and markets have changed radically. Consequently, logistics has come to play not only a central but also a strategic role.

For people like us at SEAB, working on “full-time” international markets, optimizing the transport networks that determine the routes for our products is challenging. At SEAB we do not limit ourselves to importing and exporting finished products. We move semi-finished and raw materials that integrate our productions into the East. Complex customs processing operations are behind the extraordinary embroideries for which we are well-known in the market.


We resolve daily issues related to working in countries like Pakistan where things are deeply different from our world. In addition, this complete traceability of materials and processes enables us to respond thoroughly to the increasing demand for transparency coming from the most important brands and international groups.

Our long-standing experience, the assistance of highly professional consultants and the obsessive attention we give to continuously improving procedures allow our customers to take for granted that things will go right.