As an alternative to the badge, we can offer direct embroideries service on customer’s material. Not only fabric but also leather, both real and synthetic.

Thus we take care of your materials by providing the logistics of the operation and returning the materials processed according to your needs.
Direct embroideries, whether it’s hand or machine, are the highest form of customization and enhancement of a fashion product and very requested from  a very demanding market.

Often the main obstacle this work involves and the consequent limitation of its use is the handling of cut pieces to the machining locations and the subsequent return.

However at SEAB we resolved the problem. Customer entrusts the materials to our organization and we take care of everything. Whether it is done in India, Pakistan or China, the customer is confident that everything will be done in the times and in the ways agreed upon.

SEAB is a specialist for this type of work and our experience can guarantee an exclusive product with a unique quality of embroideries that will highlight your garment or accessory.