SEAB’s primary task, other than develop innovative high quality trimmings, is to spread the knowledge of its own products.
More in general we can say that we communicate to the market all our new and useful items that SEAB makes and provides.
SEAB’s communication channels are the ones that are protagonists of  the third millenium scenario and the ones that look at the tradition: exhibits, trendsetting and web are the media that have been used.In our case: Paris’ Première Vision, WGSN and the web. The first one is the most important exhibit in our sector, the second one is the most visited trendsetting web platform, the third one consists of our website, our newsletter and our activity on social media. 

Obviously our company has an efficient commercial organization that represents one of SEAB’s pillars. Thanks to our commercial managers and to our back-office the communication is operated in a very professional and effective way. Because personale relationships are fundamental for our success.

Tradition and technology is the right mix to cultivate enduring relationships with our customers.

It’s easy to find us, you just have to look for us…