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The print on real leather has always been a challenge in the evolution of the leather goods and shoes market. A natural material like leather, when treated after the tanning, can reach critical conditions during the printing process.

Today SEAB cooperates with one of the most prestigious textile printing factory and together they have developed the best solution for all the problems generated during the printing on leather.
This process combines the traditional techniques and the avant-garde in order to reach a simple, clean and versatile result: a very soft texture that will not alter the natural touch of leather. The definition of the print reaches the highest levels of quality. The colors are very shiny thanks to our four-colour printing of the best quality.

LTIP is applied not only to leather, but also to other materials, hats, ribbons, linings, scarves that, in general, are challenging in regards to printing processes. Rafia, nylon, polyurethane, just to name a few of these special materials. In regards to prices and leadtime, you will be positively surprised… seeing is believing!