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In SEAB we have started a path backwards to search for new techniques and processes that are endangered because often considered as obsolete or too complex to fit the new chain of work, like the silk-screen print.

The world of print, on textile materials or on leather, it’s a complex universe, made of secrets, problems and solutions. So SEAB has decided to deepen the knowledge of this fascinating world.

The first examples of silk-screen print are to date back to more than 2000 years ago until the birth of industrial silk-screen processes at the beginning of twentieth century.
Hence this technique can be considered consolidated.

Thanks to a special partnership with one of the most prestigious silk-screen print factories of our country, SEAB offers a series of proposals of print available on market like no one else, offering this method for different variations: direct silk-screen, indirect print for those materials believed hard or impossible to work with are the results of our efforts. Leather, synthetic or plastic materials can be printed with the best quality achievable.