To work in a global market means to confront different and at times contradictory realities and norms. The first, often, belong to developing social realities with conditions that are not comparable to those of the Western world. In our opinion, in these situations, ethics must prevail. Offering fair prices, expecting working conditions and remuneration to be higher than local averages, interacting with our manufacturers so that collaboration is really beneficial to all those who contribute to generating wealth is essential. Sometimes good will is not enough. It takes professionals who check and certify that what we ask is really practiced.

SEAB was among the first to request and obtain the certification of workshops according to the SMETA criteria (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit). For more advanced countries, however, we follow the WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment) of INTERTEK. The reports of the various production units are available to customers who would like to verify the standards and labour situations we claim to maintain. SEAB operates with maximum transparency because this is the only way we can provide the best work both with respect to the worker and to the client.

Apart from the attention paid to workers, SEAB’s focus is also on the materials and working methods used. The traditional textile materials used in our manufacturing are all certified according to international standards. Plastic materials, papers, inks and, in general, all the materials that contribute to the manufacture of our articles, wherever they are produced, comply with the regulations governing this sector.

The bullion wire and other handmade items in our factories in India and Pakistan are an expression of a unique and precious craftsmanship of the Indian sub-continent. Therefore, both the raw materials and the production processes are to be considered in making unique and individual pieces, even if in significant quantities.

SEAB is a leader in this sector and the quality of our products is well known in the luxury fashion market. Differences and incongruities in shades of color, size and design settings are therefore to be considered a feature that denotes the uniqueness and value of each individual artifact.

With regard to the materials and substances contained in the aforementioned products, at customer’s request or independently, we perform periodic checks through accredited primary laboratories. These products do not contain harmful substances that are harmful and / or prohibited by European regulations. In this regard, we have available documentation of the tests carried out at the best Italian laboratories. Upon request, we can order any other necessary test.