Lightweight or heavy belts, from the gross-grain to the interior to the shoulder strap, personalization is the touch of exclusive refinement that makes the accessory unique. Embroidery or hand-made bullion embroidery to enrich new spaces and surfaces.

Rare and complex personalization that we can only achieve, thanks to years of technology and experience. We turn to markets that go beyond clothing, such as leather goods and accessories. A cheaper alternative, but always of refined taste, is represented by embossed printed ribbons. Through multiple passages of a special silk-screen ink, the drawing is detected until you get a great 3D effect. Our machinery boasts almost 1000 Tajima embroidery heads and allows the availability of production of special processes like tapes made continuously. Moreover, this technique allows you to reach definitions that would not be possible with other techniques. Extraordinary results are achieved on tapes


Customized ribbons


Metallic and Military Ribbons