The spirit of uniforms and military uniforms, reinterpreted with irony and good taste. Multicolored details enriching garments and accessories.

Selected production materials and techniques in years of direct experience of uniforms supplies all over the world offer a wide and constantly evolving choice.

Chest, shoulder, collars and friezes. And metallic yarn tapes that become the basis for hand embroidery. All personalized and unique. Dreams of a fun and spirited luxury.

Fabrics with metal-rolled wire by means of special frames made only in the Indian sub continent, have for generations been embellished with uniform military uniforms. Our production units in Pakistan and India are able to offer a wide range of these tapes. They are available in a range of standard and customizable designs.

A lighter and cheaper alternative is the Mylar tapes, a polyester resin developed by Dupont and still a leader in synthetic lamination.