“Thermoplastic Polyurethane”. If you take its full name you could get scared but don’t worry! First of all, we will call it simply TPU. Then we will find out that can be easily manipulated, useful for many purposes and for many types of designs. From abstract designing to relief patterns, from portrait to lettering, there are no limits using the TPU.

From round shapes to pyramidal profiles, the TPU can be used for different applications: for branding or for big designs; with bright colors and with metallic textures (bronze, gold, silver or matte steel). Also it can be applied easily with a heat-seal press because TPU can resist to high temperatures.

Different curvatures, different widths and thicknesses, wide range of colors: these are the variables involved in the choice of TPU that, thanks to its multiple options, can become a joker for the customisation of designers and stylists.

Declinable in many styles, TPU is a pure material that lend itself to heat-seal application, despite thin surfaces. It can be colored, it can appear like a metallic look but revealing itself smooth and soft. This is  a multiple-use material with so many possibilities that even SAB team still has to exploit them all!