WGSN is the most important web platform for trendsetting and news of fashion’s world on the market.

Dozens of editors analyse trends from all over the world. They can focus on specific garments, collections and what concerns their making. 

A source of information of great value for those who work in the fashion industry. WGSN is a giant while SEAB is a very small reality. But this didn’t prevent us from meeting each other. WGSN’s editors are happy to see our previews and to select all the items that are considered innovative or trendy.
We invite you to see our selection of SEAB products on the WGSN website. You will find articles that maybe are not on our website, pictured with professional accuracy that underlines the typical aspects of each trimming. 

If you are still not utilising WGSN, this is the moment to do it! It’s an extraordinary tool and an incredible reality. Meet us on